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Your cool partner for the bakery, pastry, Ice cream and pizza sector.

PaBaTech products have been designed and developed for all craft and professional laboratories from small to large food industry

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Ice cream

Specialized solutions to control the temperature

Innovative and reliable made in Italy coldrooms and refrigeration units for every need


Is a technology that uses the well-known preserving properties of refrigeration to maintain food hygiene and safety unaltered over time without affecting quality. Line Polaris proposes different solutions of roll-in deep freezers for large quantities. They are available with a front door for inserting the product and on request all models can be fitted with double door for a pass-through production cycle.

  • Simple electronic console that allows quick access to pre-set programs and cycles
  • Management of blast chilling (+ 3 ° C) or deep freezing (-18 ° C) cycles both by time and by temperature, by controlling the temperature at the core of the product
  • 42 Kg/m3 polyurethane foam insulation.
  • Coolants in line with the ozone protection regulations and use of refrigerant R744 (CO2)
  • Manual or automatic hot gas defrosting
  • The air circulation is designed to ensure the best uniformity on the product and prevents thermal shocks
  • For big quantitites, Pabatech proposes roll-in deep freezers.
  • Spiral Freezer, a new motorization system suitable for:
    • Every temperature range from -40°C a +120°C
    • Every process from cooling to freezing, from leavening to retarding.
    • Every product: bread, pastry, pizza,milk and bakery products, packed or unpacked goods, loose or on pans.


Automatic programmed proving designed for pastry, pizza and small-sized bread.Working temperature -10°C / +40°C.

  • Innovative technology (Program Leaving Controller ONE)
  • The range foresees external and internal coveringsin stainless steel AISI 304, external in PVC- coating and itneral in Stainless Steel Aisi 304 or completely in PVC- coating galvanised steel.
  • Compact structure with insulation in high-density ozone-friendly polyurethane foam (42Kg/m3), thickness 60 mm, to ensure an effective insulation with the least energy consumption.
  • Refrigeration unit suitable for tropical conditions, with high-capacity components and low energy consumption, for specially hot environnements (+40°C).
  • Humidification system with built-in steam producer, suitable for continuous proving.
  • Up to 4 doors with removable entry ramp.

Clima Chambers for Sourdough

Our line of Benches, Cabinets, Coldroms for mother dough allows the control of the maturation of bulk dough pieces, always guaranteeing an optimum raw bread dough for the preparation of final superior products, at variable environmental conditions.

Ice Cream and Gelato Line

After the exit of the ice cream at -6 ° C and before the sale at the refrigerated display counter, you can use:

  • Multifunctional Modular Freezers at – 40°C: allow a quick surface hardening in 8/10 minutes. Sale must be effected in a short time.
  • Blast Freezing in 50/70 minutes the core temperature of ice cream reaches -18°C.. Preservation in an upright freezer at -14°C for max. 5-6 days or in a freezer room/upright freezer at -22°C up to 6 months.
  • Powered Upright Freezer with air conveyor , cabable to freeze the surface, bringing the product temperature to -14°C or to -23° C (at -23°C preservation can last up to 6 months).


They are designed to decrease quickly the water temperature from +18°C to +3°C, required by the doughs to make the following working processes easier

  • Completely built in stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Powerful compressor operated by refrigerant R452a
  • The temperature control takes place through a digital thermostat, while the uniformity of the water temperature is guaranteed by the circulation pump, that prevents ice formation.
  • The range of chillers series Acquario is completed by installation of the metering unit
  • Special Quick Water Chillers Series QUARTZ RRCN
  • Water Chillers Series ACQUARIO RDA

Refrigeration technology applied to the art of baking

With the innovative Touch Screen Controller you can manage automatically the phases and cycles in progress according to the type of product and with an instant and easy control of all the functions.

PaBatech makes your life easier

50 years of experience in the cold chain sector have made us your ideal partner for your kitchens and shops.

Modular sandwiched panels with dry-joint system and cam locks and opportunity to select and customize the panel claddings according to your needs

Easy, intuitive and programmable work console

Being able to manage the work cycles lets you increae quantity when needed

Easiy celaning by the high degree of washability of the elements, designed to minimize the accumulation of dirt

Increase food quality and food safety

Better work planning increasing the economic return of your business

Lower cost of labour, eliminating food waste and reducing the cost of your products

The insulated structure ensures low energy consumption

PaBaTech is a specific line designed and produced by Frigor-Box International srl, a world leader in the creation of panels for cold rooms with dry joint system and cam locks.

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via Prandi 11, Scandiano
42019 Reggio Emilia - Italia
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